Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well, it may not yet be available in the shops, but "Third", the fourth album by Portishead, is certainly "out there". In both senses: to say that it is going to surprise a lot of people is to say nothing that is going to surprise anyone. If you know what I'm sayin'. Sasha likes it. Reynolds likes it. It took me eight years to "get" "Portishead", their second album, so I'm not going to stick my neck out just yet. (Yes I am: it's stunning; backward-looking in many ways, but not in the sense of having much if any connection to the specific music they have done before.)

Whether you have or haven't heard the album yet, you need to watch this. In particular, the third song (I haven't yet got titles figured out), which starts about nine minutes in - it's the one with two drummers, always a good sign - will stop you in your tracks. It has the same propulsion as the best krautrock, on which it builds, and builds, and ... stops.