Friday, September 06, 2013

Song of the day

"Pier No. 5", by Not Drowning, Waving.

Again, not so much a song as an audio fragment. It features the guitar atmospherics of John Phillips, and is from an EP called "The Sing Sing".

The significance of this particular track, which wouldn't have been evident when it was recorded -- wow -- 27 years ago (say it slowly), is that it documents for posterity the Melbourne commuter's call to arms, "Herald final extra!"

Mind you, if the Herald were alive today it would undoubtedly be falling into line with the Murdoch-press diktat to run screaming headlines along the (UK) Sun-like line of "Kick These Bastards Out". But that's a story for another day. Don't forget to vote tomorrow, with whatever vestige of an open mind you can muster. If Abbott wins, which seems inevitable, the world won't end. But remember, "Stop the boats" is not a policy, it's an aspiration -- and, in my opinion, a sadly misguided aspiration, although I would be (and perhaps am!) the first to acknowledge (though such an acknowledgement would seem to be unfashionable today) that reasonable people might argue otherwise. When I start my own political party it will be called the Militant Moderates Party. I think there's room for one of those. (If nobody minds.) End of sermon.

Oh, the song doesn't seem to exist on the internet, but you can listen to it here. (It segues nicely into Bowie's "Sense of Doubt", by the way. I love it when Shuffle does that.)