Friday, July 18, 2008

Who put the bomp?

Spurred into action by a certain friend of mine, who has divided his life into a list of the 50 most important songs therein, and by the way he still hasn't sent me that list, I have determined to do likewise. It is a difficult task, one that necessitates the songs coming to me, rather than me thinking them out. Thus, to date the list is somewhat short (it is also in no particular order, although the song that appears first does so for many very good reasons):

The Chills, "Pink Frost".
The Go-Betweens, "Cattle and Cain".
Television, "Marquee Moon".
Propaganda, "Dr Mabuse". (Ah, but which version?)
Donna Summer, "I Feel Love" (12 inch).
The Passions, "I'm In Love With A German Film Star".
Brian Eno, "1/1".

Stay tuned for additions.