Friday, July 25, 2008

Song of the day

"Hold On To Your Dreams", by Jah Wobble / The Edge / Holger Czukay. We have to be careful how much U2 we allow into the house, in case they take us over like the evil and sinister virus they are. But the appearance of The Edge on this track is more than outweighed by its having lyrics by Arthur Russell (you never know where he is going to pop up - and it is interesting (to me) that his appearance on this record means that Arthur Russell was in the house 20 years before I had previously thought; and there I was thinking that I was able to retain record-cover information better than most people (I have little Pete Frame-style diagrams running around inside my head like crazy paving)) and drums by Jaki Liebezeit, the Number Three of rock-n-roll drummers.