Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Song of the day

"Hello Mister", by Ramases. You hear this song. It sufficiently causes you to prick up your ears that you determine to investigate further. You might say, when you discover who was involved, that you took notice of the song because it triggered some kind of recognition in the deeper recesses of your memory banks. But that would be spinning it. Because really, you had no idea that the bulk of the music was played by the people who would soon become 10cc. Or that it was released on Vertigo during that label's golden years.

There. Now you're interested.

Discogs has this to say about the person behind Ramases, Martin Raphael: "Martin Raphael had a vision somewhere in the mid to late sixties where the Egyptian Pharao Ramases informed him he was his new incarnation on earth and he had to inform the people about the truth of the universe."

And a bit later: "After the second album he faded into obscurity and is presumed to be death."

Which, grammatical glitch aside, is a very sad story. I need to hear the album this is from, "Space Hymns", with its of-the-moment, garish green-and-yellow cover, immediately.