Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lucky find of the day

I stumbled upon this fantastic advertisement in the June 14, 1958 issue of the New Yorker. (If you right-click on the picture and open it in a new tab/window, it comes up really big, which is how you want to see it.)

Points to note:

1. We worship at the feet of Charles (and Ray) Eames.

2. If Alcoa was able to devise a solar-powered toy/sculpture fifty (yes, fifty) years ago, what exactly have we all been doing in the meantime? Why isn't it Solar On Everything in 2008?

(By the way, I also have a 15mb PDF of this ad. Bear in mind that it's from a scan of a magazine reproduction that used 1958 technology, but the quality is still rather good and the ad itself is, I would say, suitable for framing. Email if you want me to send it through to you.)