Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Song of the day

"Psycho Session", by Composite Profuse. It is four years now since I discovered that, hey, you could get music from the Internet. I have recently been going back over my archives, and this has caused me to wonder, is it me, or has the element of surprise gone out of the blogging lark? Admittedly, back in 2003 I was on a very steep, but hugely rewarding, learning curve. The law of diminishing returns has, no doubt, kicked in somewhere along the line. And perhaps I am suffering from download fatigue. ("Perhaps"???) But there are a lot of tracks in the archive that I would never have come across alone (and haven't come across subsequently) and which I would not part with for all the world. (The list is endless, but let's just say Chateau Flight's "Cosmic Race"; "Stuck (Superpitcher Mix)", by Contriva; "Compulsion", by Joe Crow.) A lot of them were pulled down from Woebot (RIP - the blog, not the man), Tom Ewing's lamented "PopNose" project, and Gabba. There are now many more places to find music; the industry has, by subterfuge or otherwise, gotten in on the act; and readers, fans, bloggers and musicians are almost visibly chasing each other around the web in ever faster, and ever decreasing, circles. It's tiring just to watch.

But today I downloaded from, and listened to, a track (from Gabba; you can still get it) called "Psycho Session", from a band called (incorrectly) Composite Prefuse. It takes me back to those Good Old Days, not only in the nature of the music but also in the thrill of hearing it for the first time. clarified the name confusion for me, and also indicates that this was a limited vinyl release of 300 copies. How, without the Internet, would I ever be able to hear that?