Monday, January 21, 2008

I Don't Like Mondays

Which may well be true, and, as this post is being published on a Monday, can in fact be confirmed. However, our purpose here is to mention "I Am Bob", a short film that showed on SBS over the weekend, in which Sir Bob Geldof, by playing himself as a surly, patronising and cantankerous old grump, actually manages to demonstrate that he has a sense of humour and therefore may not in fact be like that at all. (Either that or he thought it was a documentary.) The film takes place at a celebrity lookalike competition, where the real Bob (who is assumed not to be the real Bob but just another wanna-be) goes head-to-head with a not-real Bob (played, appallingly well, by David Bamber (aka Mr Collins from "Pride and Prejudice") sporting a headband - I can't remember Geldof ever actually wearing a headband, but it did add to the 80s verisimilitude) and loses when it all comes down to who wins a Bob Geldof trivia quiz, where the real Bob's not quite fast enough on the buzzer (but, again, is a good sport in answering in minute detail questions dealing with some less-than-flattering aspects of his life, even if he does end up questioning the compere's decision on the final question ("I didn't say that! I didn't say that!")). It is to be hoped that they show it again.