Sunday, October 08, 2006

This goes with that

The ongoing series that refuses to die.


"20th Century Boy" by T Rex goes with a song which may or may not be called "Revolution (Time Is Now)" by Leroy Sibbles (Wackies), well at least the "20th century boy / I wanna be your toy" bit does.

Next up, in the red corner, we have the bass line in "Bright Neon Payphone" by Cut Copy, which sounds mighty like the bass line in Devo's "Mongoloid". Other parts of it sound mighty like New Order's "Age of Consent". None of which is a bad thing. And, obviously, we're not saying anything here, we're just like, uh, y'know, saying.

And while we're on the subject, there are echoes of New Order's "Temptation" in "Alive Until Saturday Night", a fine pop song by Hexes and Ohs. Whoever thought the influence of New Order would have spread so far?

Taking a step off to one side for a minute, we might also point out that we recently had a listen to Justus Kohncke's "Shelter", in which the usually reliable German (we assume) minimalist dance/electronica exponent takes the opening four bars of "Gimme Shelter" (which constitute the best thing the Rolling Stones ever did) and does, well, not much at all with them, really. Which is a bit disappointing because the premise is at once brilliant and impeccable.