Sunday, October 22, 2006

This Goes With That (one more time)

It has recently come to our attention that Ed Kuepper's mighty "The Way I Made You Feel" borrows quite liberally, and blatantly, and in a way that makes me feel that what Ed is doing is not "mere" appropriation (intentional or accidental) but, rather, genuine, honest homage, or a nod-and-wink "hello", from "Sunny Cellophane Sky", which appears at the end of Status Quo's "Messages From The Status Quo", a Quo album from way back in the days when they were not yet the Quo who produced enlightened lyrics along the lines of "Roll over lay down and let me in" and "Down down, deeper and down" (which latter was known to my father as "Down down, diddly down", which, I suppose, makes about as much sense, really).