Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dylanologists rejoice!

Yes, the fabled Bob Dylan radio shows have appeared on Ye Olde Gas-Light Internet, courtesy of the good folks at mp3@3pm (scroll down a bit; they're spread over a couple of posts).

From what I've heard so far, I observe:

1. Dylan would have made a very good late-night radio host, with his gruff voice and smooth delivery, kind of (if I remember rightly) like the radio voice on Jim Jarmusch's "Night On Earth" - was that Tom Waits? Maybe I have that totally wrong.

2. This seemingly strange career shift may turn out to be, in typically oblique fashion, a kind of audio "Chronicles, Volume Two", with Dylan seeking to put his own spin on his own mythology, sorry, autobiography. I mean that in a nice way. He is a fascinating man.

Sadly, though, the Macintosh doesn't seem to be able to download episodes one and seven, so I herewith provide, for my own benefit, direct links to those episodes on the off chance I can get them that way. I know dirrect links are a transgression of the unwritten law, so if I offend anyone by doing so, they only have to ask (nicely).

Episode One

Episode Seven