Sunday, May 07, 2017

First Impressions

So, like everybody else around here, I have listened to the two new LCD Soundsystem songs.

If I am good at anything, it is NOT judging records on the strength of one listen. Sometimes, even 10 (or even 100) is not enough. Often enough, down the track I can no longer remember what I first thought. Here, then, for my own future reference, are those first thoughts.

"Call The Police".

All I've got for this, really, is a pull quote. You want it, it's yours.

"I don't mind that James Murphy got the band back together. It's just a shame that the band was U2."

"American Dream".

Having blown the entire budget on "Call The Police", LCD find themselves stuck with some sick (NOT in the sense of "fully") OMD synths circa 1980, and have some fun doing what they do best: slapping down something that sounds remotely like a song with what gives the impression of minimal effort or pre-planning but, knowing James Murphy, was no doubt quite the opposite. "An unlikely hit."