Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Song of the day

"Kogarashi", by Kikagaku Moyo.

"House In The Tall Grass" is an album that continues to throw up unexpected surprises. A blind listen to the start of this song has the unsuspecting listener momentarily convinced that they have suddenly switched to "Meat Puppets II" or "Up On The Sun". There are worse things. I sincerely hope we haven't witnessed one of those today. (I'm not the pessimist many people seem to be. (Nor am I a fan. Quite the opposite.) Ask me in six months.)

Bonus Beats: "Silver Owl", on the other hand, or at least the first few minutes of it, puts one (well, me) wistfully in mind of 14 Iced Bears. And if that reference means anything to you, can I be your friend?