Friday, June 10, 2016

YouTube of the day

"Doledrums", by The Chills, at Primavera, 2016.

Sure, it's audience footage; sure, the sound quality is some distance beneath high fidelity. But hey, it's The Chills, playing "Doledrums", in 2016.

That has to be worth watching, doesn't it?

Martin tosses out a couple of very nimble guitar curlicues as only he can, of course. But check that whippersnapper on the drums. Isn't he keen! He has the air of someone living out a childhood dream. Maybe he is! (Actually, if that's Todd Knudson, he has been The Chills' drummer since at least 2004. But it's been a very long road back onto the world stage for The Chills. Take a bow, son. You've earned it.)