Saturday, December 05, 2015

This goes with this (deepest darkest dub edition)

I had a sudden and unlikely revelation the other day, while strolling along the "shores" of Lake Burley Griffin: that "Forgiven", the rather, uh, unforgiving opening track from Actress's "difficult fourth album", "Ghettoville", would mash rather well with "No Comprende", the second song on Low's rather wonderful 2015 album, "Ones and Sixes". Both songs are cast within that singular dub framework that we know so well, while in neither case being in any regular sense "reggae" tracks (see also Forest Swords). Practically everything is stripped out of the music except that crucial third beat, which (especially in the case of Actress) hits with a violence that makes relaxation difficult.

Even if the idea of a mashup seems beyond the pale (I wouldn't argue), I reckon a DJ could get these two songs to flow one into the other with quite the niceness. 

Of course, I could also be talking out of my bum.