Friday, April 25, 2014

Song of the day

"Headache", by Terranova (feat. Cath Coffey).

It takes until three minutes into this song for the instantly recognisable bass riff to kick in, meaning that, aside from a vague sense of familiarity, it took three minutes until I realised I was listening to a song I already knew.

"Playing With A Different Sex", by Au Pairs, might not feature in many lists of favourite post-punk albums, but it is a record I have always been partial to, for its cool attitude and thundering bass lines.

Kompakt might well be best known as a techno label. Its best days might be behind it. (This, though, is arguable, and, even if true, its less-than-best days are rarely less than excellent days.) Kompakt also wrong-foots the devoted (and the sceptics) from time to time by throwing surprising, and surprisingly successful, cover versions into the mix: T. Rex's "Hot Love", for example, which appears on the "Kompakt 100" collection; they even enlisted Pet Shop Boys for a take on "I'm In Love With A German Film Star", which is perhaps the only cover version of a personal talisman that I have ever been able to listen to more than once. Add this one to the list.

(Note: the video cuts two minutes from the song; this makes no significant difference, except that bass line kicks in 30 seconds earlier than described above. Just sayin'.)