Friday, July 05, 2013

Song of the day

"Spacer (12" version)", by Sheila & B Devotion.

Now that the entire world is up all night to get lucky (North Korea we're not sure about) it's worth remembering that, although the badge on the front says "Daft Punk", the song would be just a song without the contribution of Nile Rodgers, keeper of the Chic Organization flame.

In what must be the finest cash-in ever, Rhino has released "Up All Night" (see what they did there?), a two-CD collection that pulls together all the disparate strands of the Nile Rodgers / Bernard Edwards story. It's all here: every classic Chic track, songs you know and love by Sister Sledge and Diana Ross, even the Carly Simon 12" I mentioned the other day. In fact I can't think of anything that has been left out. (I'm probably wrong.) All in one place. How can that be wrong?

Possibly my favourite, although not as well known as some of the others (at least in this country, where the internet tells me it peaked at number 95: oh dear), is "Spacer", which is also here, bathed in copious amounts of extended 12" might and power. And joy.

(As an aside, Jules and I last week discovered the ideal listening conditions for "Random Access Memories": driving down the Hume Highway, in a hire car, at night. We got through two and a bit cycles of what is a rather long album anyway, and it just got better the further we went, the darker and later it got, and the sparser the road became. Good Times.)