Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Darren Files (Day Four)

It's fitting that, as we move into this year's exciting Eurovision Weekend (Latvian pirates!), the next song to rise to the surface of Darren's list of I've-forgotten-how-many songs is "Ma Baker", by Boney M.

In a word, this song is ridiculous. The female harmony vocals alone give it a reason to exist. (Just.)

The most ridiculous things about "Ma Baker" are:

1. Everything about it.

2. The fake "FBI" voiceover that appears in the middle of the song.

3. There is something at the very start of the song that sounds like somebody tapping their teeth with a pencil.

Boney M had four, at least, big hits in Australia. I suspect they will all appear here at some stage. Without hearing the others, my guess is that this is the second-crappest of them. "Daddy Cool", which is very much a carbon copy of this, I expect will be the crappest.