Thursday, February 14, 2008

K-Tel record of the day

If you had asked me, back in 1979 [1980 actually - see below], to put together a list of what I was listening to in 1979, it would have looked remarkably like the track-list of "Full Boar". (With the exception of the Jon English song, which I don't remember at all.)

Darren, the font of all knowledge, takes up the story:

"The release date is listed incorrectly (a clue is that selected songs such as 'I Got You' by Split Enz, 'Space Invaders' by Player 1 and 'He's My Number One' by Christie Allen were all released in March/April 1980).

'Full Boar' was released in May 1980. At the time I was working in Clark's Sound Centre during the school holidays (I was 13 and probably shouldn't have been in paid employment). We sold heaps of copies but not as many as '1980... The Music' which was considered a superior compilation.

Whereas FB was released by K-tel and therefore contained left-overs from the previous year as they were deleted from the primary catalogues of the major labels (the practice of the day), 1980 was jointly released by EMI and Festival and therefore contained all the hits of the moment.

I think the 1980/FB sales ratio would have been 3:1. Rarely was FB sold in isolation.

In hindsight, FB is the pick of the two (reinforced by the inclusion of 'Confrontation' by the Aliens, a song I have not been able to locate despite many years of trawling the internet, and 'I'm Not Like Anybody Else' by Jimmy And The Boys)."

The funny thing is, it is quite possible that Darren, whom I did not know in 1980, but who is now very close to the centre of my universe, may have been the person who sold me this record.