Sunday, April 09, 2006

Joke of the Week

Carl, aged eight, at bedtime: "Me and the dreamteam" - Carl's ever-expanding menagerie of soft toys - "are in the Solomon Islands. Did you know that in the Solomon Islands they build walls out of sticks?"

Carl's dad: "Really? What do they build the roof out of? Sticks?"

Carl: "No, wire. And do you know what the wire is made of?"

Carl's dad: "What?"

Carl: "Seaweed."

Carl's dad: "Seaweed? I thought you were going to say 'spaghetti'."

Carl: "No, dad, that would be the Cook Islands."

Carl's dad: [thinks about this for a second] "Hey, Carl, that is actually very clever."

Carl: "Good one, dad."