Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Strangeways, Here We Come

You can learn a lot by reading the Harper's Weekly Review. It distils the important things going on around the world, intermingled with things you didn't know you needed to know (as Don Rumsfeld may have said). The next-to-last item in this week's instalment (about the BBC's proposed Easter tribute) is so astounding it can only be allowed to speak for itself. If you see the BBC as a constant struggle between the creatives and the suits, you can have fun imagining some of the conversations that must have gone on.


Meanwhile and unrelated, over at Moistworks Jonathan Lethem, of whose writings we haven't read much but what we have read we have been rather thrilled by, has been having some fun of his own, putting together a double-header which can only be described as, er, "fowl".