Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Fell In Love With A Girl video

Can't believe what I'm hearing about the Lego company falling on hard times. Our house must have accumulated several thousand new individual pieces of the stuff in the last two weeks, what with Christmas and a sixth birthday. Obviously, Hughes Primary School is not representative of the world at large.

New Puritan

I can't see this happening, but my own opinion is that Shane Warne should never play cricket for Australia again. I know, this goes against my own general notions of justice and so on (he's done his punishment after all) but, well, it's not as if he has too many games left in him at national level anyway, there's a perfectly fine second spinner who has had the misfortune of being born at the wrong time - not his fault - and here's an opportunity for the ACB to send a message to the kids that if you're serious about sport you should be very very careful not to ingest anything without first speaking to your doctor (or at least your media consultant).

Just my opinion, mind.

Friday, January 02, 2004

Gudbuy t'Steve

Let’s count the number of standing ovations Steve Waugh will be given during the fourth Test:

1. Walking onto the ground for the first time.

2. Going in to bat for the first innings.

3. Getting out.

4. Going in to bat for the second innings.

5. Getting out.

6. Walking onto the ground at the start of the last day.

7. Walking off the ground at the end of the match.

There could be more, too, if he bowls, takes a catch, makes a fifty or 100.

That’s quite a lot, isn’t it?

Gideon Haigh makes the point that it went uncommented that no one else in Waugh’s position has been able to conduct a farewell tour. It may have been uncommented but it certainly wasn’t unnoticed. And given that the series from his point of view has gone rather less than smoothly, I don’t know how many future Australian captains will be trying to walk in his footsteps.

Hey, he’s just a man.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

A toe dipped in water

I wonder how many new weblogs are established on the first day of January. My guess is more than any other day. A new thing for the new year; a resolution; a public holiday and it's 35 degrees outside. I wonder how many get to the second post. I wonder if this one will.

Coming soon: that assured crowd puller, the 'favourite records of the year' list. It's Hornby time ...